Before installing the Font, please read carefully the following terms and conditions of the License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement). By downloading, installing, copying or using these software products, you express your consent to these terms. Breach of the terms of this Agreement, as well as the use of software products and fonts without a license, entails the consequences provided by applicable law.

1. General provisions

1.1. Basement Foundry (hereinafter referred to as the "Licensor") has all the necessary powers to grant the rights shown in this Agreement. 1.2. This Agreement comes into force and becomes binding on the date the Licensee pays the price for obtaining the rights to use the Font. The price for obtaining the rights to use the Font is reflected in the invoice provided by the Licensor. 1.3. The fact of payment is the Licensee's consent to comply with the terms of this Agreement. In any case, the commencement of the use of the Font is deemed to be Licensee's consent to form this Agreement and acceptance of its terms. 1.4. The following terms and definitions are used in this Agreement: 1.4.1. The Font is a work of graphics, and design, expressed in the external images of alphabetic, digital, service, and pseudo-graphic characters, presented in the form of a computer program that allows installation of a font into the memory of a workstation, server or web server and display font characters (in particular text) by a program or an operating system. 1.4.2. The Font symbol - an image of the alphabetic, numeric, service, and pseudo graphic characters that make up the Font. 1.4.3. The Font file - a computer file containing a description of the character set used to display such characters (e.g. text) by a program or an operating system. 1.4.4. the Licensee - the person acquiring the rights to the Font. 1.4.5. Electronic publication - a book, magazine, booklet, etc., presented in electronic (digital) form, intended for reading from the screen of electronic devices or printing using output devices. 1.4.6. In the case of the use of a definition in this Agreement, which is not defined above, the definition shall be defined in accordance with the text of the Agreement. In the absence of an unambiguous definition in the Agreement the Parties shall be guided by the definition: first - defined on the Licensor's website, second - on the Internet.

2. Usage

2.1. Under the Unlimited font license, the Licensee is granted the following non-exclusive rights to the Font: 2.1.1. The right to reproduce the Font software by installing it on the Licensee's server or embedding it in the software that will be installed on the server or installing it on the development server for internal use. The installation of the Font should be used, firstly, to create or enable the end user to create documents with a built-in font that are not a commercial product, secondly, to distribute such documents to end users, and third, to create the ability to view, print and edit such documents. The Font shall be embedded in files in such a way as to prevent retrieval from the document, use outside the document, or that it is used or made available otherwise than on the Licensee's server. 2.1.2. The right to install and use the Font on workstations owned by Licensee. 2.1.3. The right to output or reproduce the Font symbols for commercial or non-commercial purposes on any surfaces, in particular on paper, in printing products, computer screens, billboards, and clothes, as well as on any other surfaces without limitation of circulation. 2.1.4. The right to embed Font symbols in a scalable (vector) form in documents (for example, in EPS or PDF documents) and/or in raster images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) intended for transmission to third parties, provided that the documents are for viewing or printing only and cannot be edited. The right to use such documents for commercial distribution in the form of electronic books, magazines, or for templates of commercial publications. 2.1.5. The right to use the Font in the mobile applications developed by the Licensee. The Licensor does not impose restrictions on the distribution of mobile applications with embedded fonts. Embedding must be done so that the end user of the mobile application does not have free access to the Font, and could not download, install or use it in any way other than using it in the mobile application. Font can be embedded only in such a mobile application, in which it does not form an essential part and is not the main entity or its functional element. 2.1.6. The right to reproduce the Font by embedding it in electronic publications. Embedding must be done so that the end user of the Electronic Publication does not have free access to the Font, and could not download, install or use them in any way other than the electronic publication. At the same time, Font can be embedded only in files, the format of which provides protection against unauthorized access by encryption or obfuscation, including, but not limited to, such formats as PDF, EPUB 2.01, EPUB 3, and KF8. The Font should not be installed in the operating system of the device using the Electronic publication. 2.1.7. The right to install the Font and use it in any application that allows you to select fonts, including applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. The Licensee can create documents, in particular in vector format (EPS, PDF), and raster images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), and then use them at their discretion, including printing, Websites, and mobile applications, for example, when creating logos, or audiovisual works. The Licensee has the right to use the created image in a mobile application, an audiovisual work, a Web site, or a video game, as well as for creating any inscriptions in audiovisual works (video films, commercials, music videos, video broadcasts, television programs, etc.). 2.1.8. The right to use the Font in video games developed for any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as for game consoles (video game devices), including PlayStation, Xbox, etc. Embedding must be done so that the end user of the video game does not have free access to the Font, and could not download it, install it or use it in any way other than in a video game. The Font can be embedded only in such video games, in which it does not form an essential part and is not the main entity or functional element of the video game. The Licensee cannot embed the Font into video games, which allows to create PDF files, documents for text editors, tables, static images, scalable images, advertisements, and other similar files. 2.1.9. The right to distribute copies of media of reproduced Font symbols, except for those that fall within the limits specified in this Agreement. 2.1.10. The right to modify, in the part in which the Licensee (and the End User, subject to the provisions of clause 3.3. of the Agreement) has the right to import images of the Font symbols into a graphics editor by changing their graphics. 2.1.11. The right to public display of images of the Font symbols in the Electronic Publication. 2.1.12. The right to make a reasonable amount of the Font backups solely for archival purposes provided that Licensee retains control of such copies. Any copies that the Licensee makes in accordance with the Agreement must contain the same notices of trademarks and other proprietary notices that are provided in the Font.

3. Restriction of use

3.1. It is forbidden to modify the Font. The rights to the modified versions of the Font will belong to the Licensor. 3.2. It is forbidden to distribute the Font to the public. The Licensee may not post, install and use files on computers, mobile devices, servers, web servers, or websites of other companies or individuals, place them on the Internet, lend them, rent them, or transfer them to another user, unless the complete set of delivery is completely transferred, including Font file, license rights, usage manual, printed materials, backup copies. In this case, the Licensee is required to destroy all copies of the Font and its documentation available to him and notify the Licensor in writing of the change of licensee. 3.3. Transfer to third parties (hereinafter for the purposes of this clause referred to as the End User) of images (documents) containing the Font symbols (e.g., logos or videos created by the Licensee) is allowed provided that the End User is not provided with the possibility to use the Font files. In this case, the Licensee is obliged to notify the End User that the Licensor is the copyright holder of the Font, about the restrictions on use provided for in this Agreement (prohibition of editing an image (document) using the Font files), and in order to exclude the risk of claims against the End user, the Licensor shall be provided with information in respect of End User and with a copy of such an image (document), the Licensor is not entitled to use such an image ( document) for its own use, including for marketing purposes without the consent of the End user. The End user has the right but is not an obligation to purchase a separate license. The use of such an image (document) by the End User without acquiring a separate license shall be lawful, provided that the conditions and restrictions stipulated by this Agreement, including the prohibition on transferring Font files, are met. 3.4. Except as provided in clause 3.3. of this Agreement, persons who have not entered into a Licensing Agreement with the Licensor may not bring into civil circulation goods, works, or services containing the Font, the rights to which belong to the Licensor. 3.5. The rights indicated in this Agreement are granted to the Licensee without the right to transfer or to assign them to other persons, except for the case provided for in paragraph 3.2.

4. Liability

4.1. If the Licensee breaches any of the clauses of this Agreement, the Licensor has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement. In this case, after receiving the appropriate written or electronic notification, the Licensee shall destroy all copies of the Font and the relevant documentation. Keeping or using the Font will be considered a violation of exclusive rights. 4.2. If the Font as a result of the actions or omissions of the Licensee becomes available on computers, mobile devices, servers, Web servers, and Web sites of other persons, the burden of proving the inadvertency of the actions which led to such consequences lies with the Licensee. 4.3. The use of the Font without a valid license agreement, outside of its scope and for any other violation of exclusive rights, gives rise to corresponding liability stipulated by applicable law. To avoid any doubts, the Licensee is informed and agrees that if the image (document) created using the Font is transmitted to the End User without observing the requirements provided for in clause 3.3. of the Agreement, the Licensee will be in breach of the terms of this Agreement, and the End User shall be deemed using the Font without any legal grounds.

5. Warranties

5.1. The Font is delivered without any express or implied warranties on the part of the Licensor, including commercial warranties and warranties of fitness for any particular use. The Licensor shall in no event be liable for damages and damages caused by the use or inability to use the Font, or by providing or not providing support services related to the use of the Font.

6. Term of the agreement

6.1. This Agreement is valid during the validity period of the exclusive right to the Font and on the territory of all countries of the world.